To: Founders/CEOs of Marketing Agencies, IT Companies, Consultancies and B2B Service Providers

Get 20 New Sales Calls Every Month on Auto-Pilot using our Client Forge A.I.

From A Team Of Experts Who Help Connect Marketing Agencies, IT Companies, Consultancies, and B2B Service Providers Across Different Niches With Qualified Sales Calls Every Month...

Fully Done For Them!

This is for you if...

  • Potential clients quickly lose interest when you introduce your services.

  • Establishing connections and securing meetings with ideal clients feels unattainable.

  • Exhausted from putting significant time and effort into ineffective cold outreach that irritates prospects and yields minimal results.

  • Currently dependent on referrals and networking, yet seeking a reliable method to consistently attract new clients.

  • Frustrated with participating in calls that do not result in paying clients.

  • Aiming to set higher rates and secure substantial, ongoing contracts.

  • Fed up with compromising on your worth and catering to clients who don't value your services.

Our Client Forge A.I. System

The Client Forge A.I. System helps pack your calendar with 15+ sales calls every month…

Without you doing anything at all.

This system, crafted from extensive months of experimentation, has been repeatedly tested to establish its effectiveness beyond a reasonable doubt...

And it ensures…

  • You engage in conversations exclusively with well-qualified prospects who urgently need your solution and are willing to pay your premium prices.

  • Your offer is seen by prospects as exceptionally valuable and superior, making them feel it would be unwise to decline.

  • You reach out to thousands of potential clients in a way that is engaging and not bothersome.

  • The ease of scheduling appointments with you increases the likelihood of prospects booking time on your calendar.

  • Prospects are consistently present for calls due to their enthusiasm about discussing and collaborating with you.

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Our Founder

Jack Lacy

Founder of Client Forge

The visionary at the helm of Client Forge is not just its founder; he is a testament to its triumphs. As a seasoned IT and Marketing entrepreneur, he mastered and leveraged the exact client acquisition system he now champions, elevating his own marketing company to new heights while empowering a multitude of businesses to excel. Armed with a Masters in Information Systems, he blends sharp technical prowess with an in-depth grasp of strategic client engagement. This combination of skills and practical insights cements his status as a distinguished figure in the B2B industry and a passionate advocate for tangible results. Driven by his innovative outlook, Client Forge is dedicated to revolutionizing the way companies connect with and secure new clients, turning possibilities into lucrative realities.

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